Last heavy squat day before I take the Platform at one of the biggest fitness Expo's on the planet Earth ! "The Arnold's"

Never mind  the "Arnold's" are something I have never dreamed I would ever be powerlifting at but this year also representing "Team Elitefts" makes this competition even more surreal.


W/U Shoulders with Band

GHR warm up quads, hamstrings and glutes.

Bar 55 lbs x 10

116 lbs x 5

146 lbs x 3

196 lbs x 2

226 lbs x 2

246 lbs x 1

276 lbs x 1

296 lbs x 1 (knee wraps)

306 lbs x 1/1 (knee wraps) I will open up with 300 lbs !

After a 3 hour squat clinic yesterday my squats felt really good today, one more heavy Deadlift session set for Tuesday night then all openers will be in place !

"Approach the bar without hesitation, have no doubt that weight will go up "