ME Lower & Upper: MExperiment Lower and a MEh Upper



  • Warm Up
  • Hanging Leg Raise
  • Reverse Hypers
  • Pull Down Abs
  • Face Pulls
  • Low Rows
  • GHR
  • *2-4 sets (whatever you need)


  • Spider Bar or Cambered Bar Good Morning to moderate - heavy single.
  • OR
  • The Hatfield strap thing on the back raise working up to heavy triple


Wow choose your own adventure!

I chose (aka Dave chose for me) the doing Hatfield back raises with the new strap we got from Spud Inc.

Since it was my first time doing it there was like a 90/10 setup/exercise ratio. I do like these though. They are a good mid-back/erector exercise as opposed to most back extensions which get a lot of low back going on. I went up to a heavy triple but I think in the future I will go lower weight/ a little higher rep so I can get a better range of motion.

Did I mildly butcher it? Yes. Did I get a good joke out of it about a training tallit? Yes



V nice of Murph to give me some feedback on my only 50% fucked uppery.


  • SS Yoke Bar
  • + no box medium stance 5 sets of 5 with the same weight for all sets going below parallel - use more weight than last week


Ugh again with the going low. I think i had an extra 5 or 10 on each side


  • Glute Bridges and Hip Adduction 

Wow I'm getting up to like a plate and some change on here isn't this what un trained high schoolers do? What is wrong with my butt hip complex?


  • Closer stance leg press - couple warm up sets than 1 set for 100 reps

I did the same weight I did for 2 sets of 50 reps last week what a poor choice.  And by poor choice I mean it just involved a lot of lying down and groaning after.


Replace heart with general leg area.



  • Inverse leg curl or weighted GHR 4x8 

Quarter dime


  • Heavy face pull 4 x 6x8





  • Warm Up
  • Hanging Leg Raise
  • Reverse Hypers
  • Pull Down Abs
  • Face Pulls
  • Low Rows
  • GHR
  • *2-4 sets (whatever you need)



  • ME Upper:  Swiss bar straight weight use strongest grip


I think I only ended up with like 185. I pressed it up weird and it was one of those reps where I was either going to take another jump and somehow fix it or get fucked and I erred on the side of caution since i was feeling like poopie crap.


I was caretaking for someone that got surgery so I didn’t sleep much since Wednesday. I knew going into training that the potential was there to have an iffy session.


I’m not trying to use this as an excuse but the reality is that usually your training reflects your recovery and stress or lack thereof. I knew there was the potential that I wouldn’t hit something great today so I just brushed it off and moved onto my accessories. There’s a difference between excuses and knowing the reality of the situation and not ruminating on what could have been hypothetically better.


  • Close grip incline w shoulder saver heavy - work up to best heavy set of 3 try to beat last week - This time use the shoulder save bar because it is a fat bar and will work the triceps more


I worked up to a plate on the bar that has the metal shoulder saver on it. I think it was more than last week since that bar and “pad” are heavy as fuck. And by “fuck” I mean somewhat heavier than a regular bar.


  • Rear Delts with Blast or TRX straps. Hit face pulls, rows, and rear flies all in one giant set - 3 rounds


Functionally killin it



  • Standing low row 4x15


About 100 lbs. I try to keep the weight not super heavy so I can actually keep on utilizing my non-trap back.


  • Banded tricep extension 100 reps total can rest for like 20 seconds but do it all in one set



  • Ab bench 3x12-15

quarter and a 5 and I squeeezeee a light med ball between my knees


  • Yoke bar upper back - 1 song


Quarter on each side. Unfortunately to some NIcki Minaj that someone put on.


free time

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