Fix one thing, find another problem.

Perhaps this is simply the Powerlifting Experience, inevitable and universal. However, I do think I've been making headway, and am learning how to dial into the MED (min. effective dose) for my various aches, ROM restrictions, mobility, etc. (so many names for how we try to improve our ability to lift efficiently and without pain).

The current "star" of my mobility (I know mobility is not meant to be an umbrella term, or maybe it is depending on who's internet article you're reading-- but for now I'm just going to use the one word to cover general soft-tissue work, activation exercises,  stretching, "mobility" defined etc.), are my ADDUCTORS.

My low back has still been tightening up every now and then (enough frequency for it to be annoying and make training less enjoyable). After seeing some folks that do body work on me, watching my lifting videos, and some other observational/analytical endeavors, we (clearly referring to my posse and me) came up with the hypothesis (I initially wrote "conclusion" but I think it's too early to use that word) that my adductors aren't firing properly, which gets in the way of me being able to use my glutes properly-- especially in the squat. With glutes shut off, and knees caving in & out during squats and DL, my low back gets the raw end of the deal.

To try and address this/ learn more about how I can get myself healthy, I've been prioritizing Adductor mobility & activation pre-workout, during the workout, and post-workout/on rest days.

Will keep the log posted with the results, and plan on posting my "program" once it's more fine-tuned.