I'm pretty stoked about how good my bench feels at this point. Deadlifts feel great too. Squats are coming around...slowly.

I set out on doing 405 5x2, 5x3, 5x4, 5x5 week after week. I decided to use the fat bar to keep my joints from killing me and it paid off. But I also wasn't going to be a bitch and not put four plates on the bar, so 415 it was. Every week felt solid. This last week felt the best. See below for a video of the last set and my dumbass having fun in the gym. I've never taken this "seriously." I put in the time, effort, emotion and resources. But I recognize this is for me and me only. So if I want to goof off and enjoy myself, I fucking will. I learned how important that was when it was taken away from me briefly. So I won't be taking it for granted again. With that being said, once I set up and grab that bar, it's all business.

EliteFTS fat bar 415x5x5

Pin press 325x10

Fatbell floor press w/ external rotation 70# x25, x22

1/4 dips bodyweight 5x20

Barbell Row 185 4x15

5th set of 415x5