Shoulder distraction

DB bench 50's 4x25

Add metal jack shirt
405 to 4 board couldn't touch
585 to 4 board
675 to 3 board
725 to 3 board
Jo Jordan cut the sleeves for me, leaving the seam in tact, the last time we were at the compound. But by that point Marshall gave me his old bench shirt and I gave up on this one. So I soaked the new one in fabric softener and was able to get it over my elbows with the adjustments Jo made. It was still tighter than all hell. I think it's too small but then again I'm a raw lifter and don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to gear. All in all today was a nice change of pace.
Close grip- 3 second eccentric
405x3x3 sets

I threw these in to get some added time under tension, to help me strain a little more on max attempts.

Close grip with shoulder saver
Add double light bands
Bar x10
135x10x 3 sets

I did these controlled, but explosive, keeping tension on my triceps the whole time.

EZ bar rolling tricep ext/skull crushers (laying down)
135x10x 3 sets

Angle bar tricep push downs