Really a great training week. I feel fortunate and grateful, to put it plainly...


Fat bar bench 415 5x4

Pin press right off chest 325x10

-I don't like doing these heavy. It's an easy way to tear a pec. IF you do like doing these, I suggest doing it out of chains or straps so it gives you a little bit of mobility off of your chest (meaning the bar can swing into your path easier than it would if resting on the pins).

Fatbell bench 124x20, 124x10? haha I guess I was pretty gassed here...usually I'll be able to get close to 20 again. Need some work on these.

Fatbell incline, 3 sec tempo 62# x6, x5

BB row 185 4x15

Fatbell tricep ext 50 reps

Face pulls 100 reps

Rear belts 100 reps


Conventional deficit DL against EliteFTS orange bands

405-495x3, 585x4 (one more rep than I hit with this set up before the Arnold!!!)

Conv block pull 405 2x15, terrible cardio

GHR 5 sec ecc 3x10

Lat pull down, EliteFTS orange band 3x15

SATURDAY SQUATS (first successful squat day since the meet, and by successful I mean I was able to squat)

Bow bar

145x10, 195x5, 235x5

Add new Metal V type Squatter

415x5, 505x5

Add wraps



Leg press 3 plates 10-15-20-15-10, :30 rest

Sled 5 plates, 4 trips (backwards)