Never Good Enough

When I find myself feeling down or negative I often get into a spiral of feeling not good enough.
I'm not a good enough friend
I'm not good enough at my job
I'm not a good enough lifter
and the list goes on and on and on..
All these things start to make me doubt myself, and once I get on one bullet point on the list, it spirals into me thinking of every other area of my life where I don't think I'm good enough.

Lately these thoughts have popped up a lot in my head. I am undervaluing myself.

In an effort to practice mindfulness, I've realized the reason why I have the success I have had to date has a lot to do with these thoughts. I'm caught somewhere between feeling like I'll never be good enough and wanting to be the best I can. I work myself hard in an effort to be better all the time.
I need to learn to switch this thought process to a positive one.
That I am working on.

If I felt content in all areas of my life, would I be striving to be better?
Probably not.

Will I ever feel good enough?
Probably not

Is that OK?



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