Well the anticipation finally ended today when my long awaited parcel from Finland arrived. I may have to have it taken in as I was able to touch with 225 but that's ok. Every day is a school day when you are trying new gear.

A huge thanks to Ken, Jamie and Matt tonight, our only Outlaw Crew members able to make bench night. It's tough to train in gear without enough team members so no video's tonight. Safety is always first and foremost.


45 LBS X 10

75 LBS X 5

95 LBS X 5

125 LBS X 3

135 LBS X 2

155 LBS X 2


185 X 2 TO A 3 BOARD

215 X 2 TO A 2 BOARD

225 X 1/1/1 TO A 1 BOARD

Just trying to find my groove in the new shirt tonight.

SKULL KRUSHER SUPER SET (Jamie tried to kill me I swear)

30 lbs x 12/10/12

40 lbs x 15/10/15

45 lbs x 12/8/15 (Jamie thought I didn't notice he slipped on the Dan Bruce plates)

FYI skull crushers are easy curl bar skull crushers, into roll backs, then presses.


All these counted for are sore elbows as I had no idea what I was doing so I went from 25 lbs, to 20 lbs, to nothing then 5 lb kettlebells.

Practice practice practice.

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