Just kidding. Well, not really. I mean it is literally a new year and I have a new meet coming up. But I do not put any stock in making drastic life changes based on new year or new decade or new millennia or new pre apocalyptic stage. If I want to make something better then I do it now. Nothing changes from 11:59 to 12:00. The only time it actually mattered was Y2k and then look, nothing happened. Plus, putting so much energy into what happens in a single day or week surrounding the new year is too much work. Change what needs to be changed when it needs it. If it’s fine, leave it as is. Wow that takes the stress off New Year's resolutions, huh?


Anyway the week after the meet I went back to New York for about a week and a half. I did a fluff n buff workout the second week after the meet then by the time I got back to Columbus, it was time to ease back into training. I started off with some light percentage 5x5 (50% squat and 45% bench all based off geared numbers) and then some accessories of my choosing that weren’t super heavy. I did some GHR, belt squat close stance, triceps, shoulders, other things of that nature just to get back into the groove but not get too sore.


The following week was still easing back into training but a little heavier- speed squats against a light and mini band (220 bar weight) 6x2 then again, accessories of my choosing. Back attack, assisted leg curl, quads, abs, face pulls etc. On Thursday again a lightish speed bench (about 35%) and then some rolling triceps, low row, lat pulls, shoulders, and grip work.


I also dragged the sled Monday and Friday as per Daddy David’s instructions.


The point of the last 2 weeks was just to ease back into training after a meet and almost 2 weeks off. If I didn’t have to jump right back into meet prep, I would take about 6 weeks off barbell training for solely bodybuilding work but starting this weekend, it’s time to get the gain train rolling again.


After all, I’m about 8.5 weeks out already! Or 8. Or 9. Or 8.7. This meet is on a Thursday and it's fucking me up dawg.