This weekend I'll likely take some time and draw up an offseason game plan. Here is what comes to mind off the top of my head...


  • I hit a PR and had more in the tank. Stick the course as far as programming.
  • I need to move my stance in and develop my quads and take some stress off of my hips and adductors.


  • I hit a PR and had more in the tank here as well. I'll stick to conjugate, but I'll rotate in some more straight weight than I did going into the meet. Likely 2 weeks of straight weight mixed in with 3-4 weeks of standard max effort exercises (floor press, pin press, chains, bands, boards, etc).
  • I'll continue training with a moderate grip and competing a bit wider.


  • This is my Achilles heel at the moment. It's OK. I hit  a PR. But I'm moving some big weights in the gym and I'm not able to do it on the platform, likely because I'm fatigued.
  • The emphasis will be both on conditioning and technique.
  • I'll continue to pull sumo for the most part in training, but I'll work in block pulls and rack pulls as well. I think for the offseason I may stick to stiff leg deads, both conventional and sumo. Conventional from the knee and sumo from the floor to get my glutes activated and work on getting my hips through.

I want to compete around August again or possibly a little bit later, but I'm not seeing a lot of meets posted around that time. I can travel if need be, but I prefer a meet within driving distance for that time of year because I travel for RUM every year.