Training is pretty much done. It’s just a matter of not somehow fucking myself up in the remaining time.


I went home to New York (Westchester, the bestchester) (more specifically Yonkers) (home of DMX) (rough riders BORK BORK BORK).


I went to a gym one day there for a little pump n fluff day. Other than that I did my back exercises (planks, dead bugs, bird dogs, curl ups) and banded rounded back good mornings along with trying to do a little walking to get the ol blood flowing.


We also went to the History of Magic exhibit in NYC it was magical (Hufflepuff 5ever) and I got to see my wholeeeeee family for Thanksgiving which was delightful I love family gatherings.


Anyway I drove back to Ohio the Friday after Thanksgiving (also known as the day after Thanksgiving).


The last time I deadlifted, it was brought to my attention that the vaginal portion of the suit was not fitting well.


By that, I mean it was not pulling up in the crotch no matter how tight we got it. I had also marked the straps where I set them for my last meet and they were set wayyyy tighter this time around even though my weight is not hugely different. So it seems like the whole thing just stretched out. So I got a suit in a size smaller and needed one day to try it on and get a few tugs in and that day was Saturday.


It was very dramatic.


It was very small and I spent like an hour trying to get it on and I couldn’t get down to the bar and the biggest issue seemed to be in the tightness of the legs. So we cut the seams out but I still couldn’t get down. Then I realized it was the higher seam in the legs that was causing the problem and I stomped around and grumbled and Dave tore the legs up to that seam and I was able to get a little farther down but still had to loosen the straps quite a bit. By the time I finally got down I was barely grabbing the bar and the straps weren’t even tight and I was not a happy camper. I also didn’t know you could wash a suit so it would shrink so I went home and washed my old suit in cold water (no detergent) and let it air dry.


I like my suit to be real tight from the straps so I am just smushed in there like a fat little gnome so I would rather have tight straps than tight fucking sausage casing legs and loose straps.


I put the old washed suit on the next day and it was more snug in my vajay so I will probably go with that.

Anyway after this deadlift suit debacle I did some accessory work- reverse hypers, abs, seated hamstring curl, leg extensions, rounded back banded good mornings, innie outtie machine, grip work, shrugs on the standing calf raise, face pulls. I did all of these about the same intensity I normally do for my “free time” work.

Sunday I did some speed bench at 50% with the chain and a half I normally use. I was supposed to go until it felt good then stop. Set 1 felt not super shitty then they just started to get progressively shittier so I cut it after about 4 sets. I did accessory stuff after- lat pulls, low rows, front and side raises, dumbbell overhead press, cable tricep extensions, face pulls, banded rounded back good mornings.

This week I will go into Hybrid Performance for some recovery work and that’s about it.

I will also say that one thing I’ve been trying to be less shitty about this meet cycle around is stressing myself out.

I AM MY NUMBER ONE STRESSOR. I like to feel like I am doing everything in my power to have a good training cycle. Sleeping, eating, blah blah. But if my eating or sleep is shitty I will just get mad at myself about it which obviously doesn’t help anything. This time around if I did something shitty, even more than once, I cared less. If I didn’t eat enough, whatever. The only thing I could do was fix it moving forward. If I slept shitty, whatever. Then I just feel like shit when I train but still do what I need to do. This isn’t to say that I did a good job of having a normal life outside of training. I shirked social outings for like 2 months. My life still revolved around meet training even if my choices probably won’t make a huge difference for my meet. Sorry friends.

Also, people keep asking me if I am excited for this meet.

NO.  I like the process of getting stronger and I need to compete for a total. But do I like all the shit I work on boiling down to 3 lifts? No.

I am fucking nervous.

But there is really nothing I can do now except try not to fall in the shower and break my arm or something.