A simple facebook post has inspired today's OBLF post. Just a few days ago I posted a picture in my new leg brace. I captioned it saying that I am becoming bionic. I really did not think anything of it, however, the response I received was very interesting.

It seems that more people expressed their opinions on my body transformation than what's going on with my leg. Harry Selkow made a comment that really grabbed my attention. "Svelte in overall appearance as well. Not something most can achieve while an appendage is in captivity." That really caused me to pause.

I have been able to continue to get leaner, or as I prefer to say, get less fat, while dealing with a bunch of injuries. For the past 9 months I have had one thing or another going on that has curtailed me from training and conditioning 100%. It never dawned on me until someone else said it.

In discussing it with others, people often allow these negative contributing factors to bring them down. Whether it's injuries like I'm dealing with, or stress, or other personal garbage, it can be used as an excuse. I guess that has never made sense to me. If I'm already feeling lousy, why would I want to compound that by allowing my body to fall apart.

With my injuries, I saw getting less fat as the only thing I could truly control about my program. I certainly couldn't train like I wanted to. The truth is, eating like crap would only hasten my recovery. Lousy food has less nutritional value and that has to do something with healing I would think. In addition, putting more weight on an already compromised body would add greater stress to it.

I write this not as an accolade to myself. As anyone who knows me knows, I can pat myself pretty hard on the back. Although theses days, I'd probably break my hand with my luck. I write this for those out there who are struggling with their own journey. I have gotten so many messages over the years from people who told me I inspired them. Man, that's the greatest reward of all. If my silly words of wisdom help anyone, I'm really psyched.

So don't let the fork in the road be a donut in the mouth. See it as a challenge to yourself. It's times like that, when you dig deep, that can provide you with the character to overcome for a lifetime.

*Here's the facebook pic I mentioned. And yes, those are broga pants. Don't worry, I don't leave the house like that. I certainly would not want to show off my atrophied legs in public. I will admit though, they are comfy. Plus Rhodes hates them.

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