*This pic is from 3/7/15. I prefer monthly pic updates. I get too nitpicky with weekly comparisons*

I was really excited to be at a new low. My bodyweight was 256 at the Saturday morning weigh in. Last week it was 257.5. It was exactly as I hoped. I always feel like 2 lbs is too much to lose a week, but 1 isn't enough. Hence, the perfect 1.5.

My calories are pretty low right now considering my sloth like existence while recovering from my mcl injury. I'm doing what I can with training, but there is little to no intensity there. I'm hovering around 2500 calories. My net carbs are being kept just shy of 100. Protein is a little over a gram per lb at about 260. That leaves fats just above 100 grams. That puts me at approximately 20/40/40 - carbs/protein/fat.

Last week I went back to a one day refeed. Now, my refeed days have changed tremendously. I used to eat like a glutinous pig. I ate whatever my heart desired. So, it worked out to be lots of carbs, but lots of fat as well. It would usually consist of pizza, McDonald's and ice cream and I wouldn't track the macros. Being so inactive and in pretty much the diet zone right now, I took a different approach. I focused on high carbs, low fat, and protein pretty much wherever it fell. I tracked my calories and ended up at 4000. It was glorious. I ate lots of bagels, cereal, and baked tortilla chips. Those are three of my new favorite low fat, high carb foods.

I reached out and received great advice from EliteFTS contributor Dr Scott Stevenson regarding my protein intake. I did not want to take up calories with those pesky grams of protein. So he recommended knocking back 15 gram bcaa shakes a few times over the course of the day to help make up for the missing protein. I ended up with just around 150 grams from foods. Now, even though they were not all complete proteins, Scott explained that the bcaa's, especially the leucine stimulates protein synthesis. This way I would get an anabolic response from the incomplete protein sources I was eating during the day. So thank you Dr Scott Stevenson, you are a smart dude.

Saturday's controlled binge gained me 4 lbs. I of course freaked out, but it came off quickly during the next few days. I hit my net loss, so I will be sticking with this plan for now. 2,500 calories a day with a one day refeed of 4,000 calories. It's all in the numbers folks, at least until someone shows me otheriwse.