Peak Phase Wk1 day 2: Bench + Chains

Time Frame

Starting off this peak phase I will be using accommodative resistance on Bbench and be aiming for my max attempt at lockout with chains.


Aerodyne Bike: 3-5 min

Foam Roll Lats: 3-5 min

KB Shoulder Capsule Rotation's (Duffin Video)


Bar x 5

95 x 5

135 x5

185 x3

215 +2 for 2

250+4 for 2

275+4 for 2

295+4 for 2

305+4 for 2

305+4 for 2

Low Spotto 3’s hold 1x8: 225 Arm / Lat Started to hurt
Chest Supported Row 5’s hold 2x8: 45
A2) DB Bench Slow Eccentric 3x8: 50-65-65
A3) Bent Over Cable Behind Head Tricep Ext. 3’s hold 3x15: 90
DB Flies 3x15: 15


Very pleased with this bench session, in my mind, I would have liked to hit 315 + 4 chains but that is not the game plan overall at the meet. The bench has never been a strong lift for me so trying to get a PR and drain some energy here just is not in the cards, we will see on "meet day" how I feel. Lat and tricep started to bother me around 275, I implemented the KB in the lat, per EliteFTS teammate Ben Pollack, and it helps significantly fend off the pain, long enough to get through the main bench work. Bailed one set early on the spottos because the risk-reward factor was too low.

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