Peak Week 3: ME Deads, tapped out

APF State meet December 15, 2019


Prep is finally catching up to me, if you don't already know, peak phases should be the hardest on your body. It is the time to push everything "full throttle" and then pull back at the last minute in hope of your body to super compensate.

If you have been following along, "Conjuphasic" is a three-week training block followed by a 1-week de-load. Well, this peak is a 4-week training block then rolling into a de-load. We are finishing up week three and my back strained day 1 lol. It was my own fault as my technique under Max effort load went to crap and I have not given it enough time to recover. After today we start our taper so there is plenty of time to see therapists and iron out all the issues.

Hit opener and second attempts moving them as they should take a shot at where id like to be for my last lift of the day but it got out of position and I bailed on it FAST not to potentially make anything worse. Prep wouldn't be prep without some kind of struggle right?! let the recovery begin




Speed Squat 6x2 (50%) + 6 chains

Deadlifts: 620, 660, 690 (miss)

TKE Squats 2x20:
Reverse Hyper™ Swings 75

Laying Heel Slide Hamstring Curls 2x20:


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