Peak Week 3: Squat SEND! is there another 700lb squat within a year?

APF State meet December 15, 2019


I mentioned before in the past video blogs that training is going really well which is kind of taboo in the sport of (powerlifting). Four years ago I had a conversation with Dave Tate asking how my meet was going to my reply, “terrible”. This was accurate because my overall total was actually less than the qualifying total to be at that meeting. Anyway, he responded to me with, “ there’s your problem if you have a great training cycle prior to a meet normally your meet will be bad”.

So, here we are four years later and I am telling you that my meet preparation is going fairly well, so that means I must be doomed right? Actually, I am approaching this meet with a far greater mindset and there are many variables that differ from four years ago. I have made countless mistakes programming for myself during strength blocks and peeking phases. I personally think this process has allowed me to refine what I need as a powerlifter to get ready for a meet.

Today was not possible without the help of my wonderful wife and the rest of the (powerlifting) team that we have here at Illiana power Asylum. My mindset was not right starting the morning and our squat session but was quickly brought to my attention by Julia and I was able to turn it around and have a decent day overall from a weight moved standpoint. There are still issues with hip shifting back in the hole of my opener and second attempt that although frustrating did not put me in a position to get injured nor did I feel them happening during the squat. This means I was able to adjust quickly and accommodate the new position my body needed to be in which happens over time and maturity in the powerlifting movements.


The main areas that broke down early on in the session:

1- the inability to brace properly, cause: belt too low

2- failure to keep butt tucked, cause: to focused on hip shift and not sitting “too far back”

3- hips shifting back in the hole, cause: refer back to #2


ME Squats (wrapped): 570, 620, 670  THEN 690 reverse double red

Goblet Squats 1x20: 60

Reverse Hyper 2x10 3 plates

Hex DB Holds 3x max

10 month Prone Position: BW

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