Peak Wk3: Heaviest Bench of training - still having issues

APF State meet December 15, 2019


Still having the same issues on the bench that I was last week. The fixtures that I thought we’re going to work which we implemented on our Spoto presses did not so we are back to the drawing board. Now, I will add that we are talking about and extreme minor butt lift which means the setup and technique are almost there but it has to fall within the framework of the rulebook. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to figure out these things. I have three more options that I can try which are listed below along with their negative side effects.


1- Untuck legs some

Side effect: loose leg drive, loose tightness


2- squeeze bench with knees

Side effect: loose just about all ability to leg drive


3- tuck legs further

Side effect: risk possible back cramping and leg drive forcing my hips up and not back


Day 2

ME Bench reverse Green: BEAT 390

Leg Press Bent Over Rows 1x12:

Cable Rear Delts 2x20:

Paloff Presses 2x12:


Comp-Combo-Rack-two home

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