Peak Wk4: last speed day of prep

APF State meet December 15, 2019


We are now finally in our taper and my body is ready for it! I will say my back felt better loaded today than it did the last 6 days un-loaded which really does not suprise me. We as powerlifters and strength athletes tend to feel better when we move and that usually means loaded as well. Although i am not looking forward to GPP it will serve me well after this peak phase. Working with Dr. Bob has been a blessing and I am very thankful for him as he will have been the main reason I was able to compete at any level in this meet. Squatting felt good and there was minimal to no shift on speed work in both the squat and the Deadlift. Tomorrows bench is optional and I will be skipping as I will be coaching down in Indy. Next monday is medium load and thursday is a grooving day then its game time!





Speed Squats 8x2 40% + 6 chains

Speed Deads 10x1 40% + 6 chains

Kneeling Anti Rotation rows 3x10:

reverse hyper swings 2x30:

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