Peak Wk4: We are in trouble

APF State meet December 15, 2019


So after a very brutal max effort day two weeks ago I suffered a lower back strain. It did not rear its head while squatting but after the training session. This entire week was programmed to take the heaviest lifts of the training cycle and as an athlete you never want to miss that week. I made the wrong choice and pushed through bench and dead lift which then caught up to me that Sunday. Leading into Monday’s last warm-up or opener squat I still decided to push and by the time that session was over I could barely move. I made two emergency chiropractic appointments and the second one was with Dr. Bob who I have recently done a seminar with. His expertise not only relieved my pain but also gave me the root cause of the issue and things to do moving forward to be able to attend my meet. This is what the last straw of training looked like before a week of discomfort barely being able to move.



Last opener Squats (wrapped): 570

Leg Press 1x20:130

Reverse Hyper 50 swings:

Hex DB Holds 3x max

6 month Prone Position

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