Peak Wk4: well, I was able to bench...

APF State meet December 15, 2019


So after a very good meeting with Dr. Bob I was able to understand why I was injured get adjusted and receive exercises to allow me to maintain my progress and participate in my meet next weekend. It took longer than normal to warm up for lunch today as everything was stiff if you haven’t following along lately you will also know I have been struggling to keep my butt down on bench on anything over 300 pounds. Although hesitant, I was able to keep loading the bar and feel very stable in a tux bench position so I pushed it to my opener. Not only was I able to keep my butt down the entire time I had no back pain or discomfort while benching. The weight moved slower than I would have liked it too but my body is ready for rest heading into this meet.





ME Bench: 345, 365

Cable Rear Delts 2x20:

Paloff Presses 2x12:


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