Physical Therapy 40 minutes
20 minutes airdyne
10 minutes of knee rehab
5 minutes ice friction on knee

Speed bench w/legs up using football bar and 2 grips w/dbl mini 135 2x2, 155 2x2, 175 2x2, 195 2x2, 215 2x2
Rolling dbl tri ext 60/65/70x15
Plate raise 2x15

Airdyne 20 minutes
One arm dbl rows 50 5x15
Dbl conc curls 20 3x15
10 minutes of knee rehab

Once I'm out, I get dragged back in. I started pt for my knee and yes I just finished pt for my back and hip not too long ago. Both my pt and sports doc have kids going to college, so I figured I'd help out by constantly being injured.

Knee update, the pt is happy with shape of the knee. I just have to get to straigthening it. It's weird becuase I had to just teach myself that I should not cause myself to stretch into pain with my back. However, with the knee, to get it straight, I have to endure a little pain. I don't mind pain, actually I like to see what I can push through. However, this is a more delicate situation. So, rehab and pt it is.