These are some basic words of wisdom that many of us might know and understand, but forget to pass on

Hold your breath while executing your lift
I can't tell you how many times I see lifters fail a lift because of letting their air out. We have all seen novice lifters exhaling in the hole of a squat, don't do it! Plus, don't yell while finishing a lift, that's letting your air out.

You can learn form, but you can't learn strength
In your never ending search to learn more about training, never forget hard work trumps all. I know it's difficult to believe but many of us got brutally strong without the internet. We did lots of things wrong, but we worked our asses off doing it. Hard work pays off.

Flex your triceps while deadlifting
This is one I learned after I tore my right biceps off. That happens when you pull the bar with your biceps. By virtue of pulling with your triceps flexed, you will not pull with your biceps. By the way, I finished the 675 raw pull, after the biceps ruptured on the way up, ask Rhodes. I know 675 is not a huge pull, but it was my first in over a decade. Not bad for a bench only queen.

Lift with your big toes up in your shoes
I use this cue for lots of lifts, but always for the big three. By keeping more pressure on your heels you are less likely to fall forward on squats and deadlifts. Also, this will help you drive harder through your posterior chain on the bench. I know some people use other cues with their feet. Toes up is not the only cue, but it's a good one.

That's all I have time for now. You're welcome.

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