Time Frame

This is 2 weeks post prep meet and 6 weeks out from Rebook Record Breakers. The goal here is to "recover" in a state where I am able to sling myself into a peak starting next week.


Aerodyne Bike: 3-5 min

Foam Roll Lats: 3-5 min

Hip Helicopters: 10 reps per leg

Reverse Hypers: 2x15



bar (60)x5





510x1 (belt)

3x2: 600 wrapped

Pause squats sleeves 2x5: 355

Back Extensions 2x15: weighted

Reverse Hyper 2x15: 3 plates

Planks 2x 1 min:Bw

Banded Rear Delts 3x20: red



My working sets on squats felt pretty terrible, I was not amping myself up (on purpose) trying to focus on mental preparation.  Not a good approach for me for this particular lift, squats, and deadlifts need some level of arousal, the bench is usually where I am not so riled up.