Shoulder and Squat technique training.

Warm up:

  • 5 min bike
  • Stretch
  • Hip add/abduction
  • Quad sets
  • Rotator micro mini cuff series

Shoulder training:

  1. Bamboo bar seated overhead press 4x20
  2. DB   front raise 4x15
  3. Upright row 4x15
  4. Cable face pulls 4x15
  5. Rear delt cable cross over 3x10


Knee rehab and squat technique:

  1. 4-way hip movement (use a micro mini around my ankle , lateral, medial, forward, backward) flexing quad, add/abductor, and glutes 3x20 all direction
  2. Steps up (stabilization) 3x20
  3. Single leg lying leg curl 3x15
  4. Wall squats 3x20

Need to work on these, still too bent over, not low enough and legs aren't wide enough. However no pain except for my pride.