Prepping For The Arnolds

I'm five weeks out from the 2015 Arnolds where I will be competing in the Raw Classic Division.  I'm currently on Week 7 of a 12 week training cycle and this is my first log as an Elitefts athlete.


Warmup: Bar X 10/10

65 X 10/10

75X 10/10

95 X 5

115 X 3

125 X 2

135 X 3

145 X 2

155 X 2 with Elitefts Shoulder Saver 

165 X 2 with Elitefts Shoulder Saver

175 X 2 with Elitefts Shoulder Saver

185 X 2 with Elitefts Shoulder Saver

195 X 1 with Elitefts Shoulder Saver

I have started to work on improving lockout strength by utilizing board presses but today I tried the Elitefts Shoulder saver which was between a 2 and 3 board press

Bench Finisher: Fat Grip 135 bench for Max Reps: then add micro-mini bands and continue until failure (These were brutally effective)

DB Floor Presses: 45 lb's X 10/10/10

DB Tri-cep rollbacks: 25 lbs X 10/10/10

Tricep pushdowns with mini bands: 2 sets of 20

Barbell curls: 45 lbs 15/15/15

BB Military Shoulder Press: 45 lbs X 10/10/10

DB shoulder lateral flies with 10 lb plates X 15/15/15

I've been having difficulty locking out heavier weights on my bench press so I've been concentrating on heavier lockout movements to improve my bench transition from my chest to lockout.



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