Last week was spring break and I was looking forward to spending large amount of time in the gym to start amping back up my strongman training for June. Everything was set and ready to go.

Since mid February there has been sickness after sickness spreading through the house. Through the course of over one month, there was at least one person in the house with a fever each and every day.  A few weeks back I welcomed my turn like a champ and was ready to move on, back to training and having spring break so I could get some meaningful work in.

On my way to the gym early last week I was sitting in my car trying to get the umpf to drive to the gym for pressing, I couldn't breathe at all, my throat looked like a giant puss ball and I was texting Lacy to help me get moving to get to the gym. She gave it her best effort to encourage me, call me names and then tell me just to go to bed. I finally gave in and decided to go in after a nap and realized I had a fever again.

The positive spin is the fever is gone. It has moved into what I am guessing is what vertigo feels like if I try to pop my ears to relieve the pressure. Holy cow, that was a rough ride and never understood why people complain so much about their head spinning.  I thought people were weak and sissies, now I get it. That ride wasn't stopping until my ears slowly eeked out some pressure.  However, I am fairly certain I am not dying and have GOT to get back to training. I'm tired of this and need to move on.

The goal this morning was to hang in there at least on my log.  Mission accomplished that was strictly motivated by anger and frustration. If that's what it takes to get the job done, I'll take it.


90 - 1x5

110 - 1x5

120, 1x5

145, 5x5

Close Grip Shoulder Saver

75 - 1x8

115 - 1x5

135, 3x5

155, 2x5

I came in lighter on the first three sets but it is what it is. I made today count.

BB Row - 3x8

Light Gripper Work