I am still undecided how I will incorporate my grip work for my upcoming cycle. Prior to the ViseGrip Viking Challenge, I will have an opportunity to test my Silver Bullet WR. I hope to sit down with Big Bald this weekend and plan everything out, it all feels a little overwhelming. I feel like I have too many goals, so I will really need to evaluate the things most important to me.

Axle Push Press

Warm Up x5: 65, 85, 95

135, 2x3

155, 1x3

I misread and started doing my close grip numbers and corrected near the end. I am also noticing some shoulder issues with locking out appropriately. This will be another area to address in the next phase.

Shoulder Saver Close Grip

Skipped warm up.

135, 1x3

155, 1x3

175, 1x3

Fat Pinch Block

32 - 3x3 with 5 second holds each rep


x10: G, S, T, .5