Foam Rolling

Mobility - Outlining it in detail once again. Will not do so in future log posts. Each x 50 feet

High Knee Walks

High Knee Cradles

Frankenstein Walk

Walking Hamstring

Active Quad

Miniband rehab x 10 steps in each direction

Corrective - Blah. I will save it for when I really need it.

Core: Stir The Pot, 4x10

Axle Push Press

Warm Up: 65 - 1x5, 85 - 1x5, 95, 1x5

105, 1x5

125, 1x5

140, 1x5


My typical gripper warm up, resulting in 5x5. Gripper work was very difficult, a significant difference from last gripper session.

1.5 - 1x3

2 - 1x3

2.5 - 3x3 assist on all closes

2 - 1x3 Rough

1.5 - 1x3

Close Grip, Shoulder Saver Pad

Warm Up: 85 - 1x5, 100 - 1x5, 135 - 1x5

135 - 1x5

145 - 1x5

155 - 1x5

Surprised by how low I am coming in on this, regular close grip is historically a strength so I expect some good carry over

Rolling Tricep Extensions - 3x8

Rows - I did not write down what I did on this. And I cannot remember. It's not like this was last year, this was a few days ago.  Whatever I did, it was for 3x8.

The past two weeks there has been significant illness in my house. Like 9 days with 104 fever, at 12 days and still counting of fever. My patience playing nurse wore out like a week ago. The worse part is there is nothing I can do or no magic wand to make it go away.

So you can imagine my frustration when Big Bald came home tonight with a fever. In usual man format, the world is ending and his illness could potentially be worse than Ebola. Yeah, it's worse all right. For me. I am hoping for some resolution to this crazy, bad juju really quick. Cuz if I get it, there will be a serious price to pay.