Denise Bermender What size needle does one use while using test?Depends on how tough and crazy one would be 
Brian Bonder Serious first - Should shoulders be lined up with the bar, over the bar or behind the bar when deadlifting? How many farts are too much??
For me - pulling conventional I try to stay lined up as much as possible- this though like anything else varies from person to person.
Calvin Honl What do you do/use to keep your joints healthy
uh- Advil
Norman E Fleagle Would you have punked Castleberry at the Olympia if you had a chance or give him a rim job?
Never heard of her
Skyler Brandt, Did you power lift in high school? If not did you ever think you would become a powerlifter
Hell no - I played sports, but I didn't even know what powerlifting was, Sometimes I do the whole if I started back then, but then I remember I'm 37 and it's probably good to have less mileage at this point.
Ryan Mercer Where do babies come from?
Haven't been laid much aye?
Scott Ramazani What do you do for injury prevention or post-injury rehab for a quicker recovery?
I suck at this- I'm more of a fix what's broke as needed kind of guy- trying to be better and starting some prehab things anything by Donnie Thompson is golden. My protocol for recovering quickly from an injury? Growth works wonder, so I've heard
Dustin Patrick, What did you do to get better leverage on your deadlift?
"Leaned out" - My deadlift wants me to be Vegan - and my squat wants me to be Gilbert grapes ma
Charles Hickle Best accessories to do to increase my bench
I've never seen you bench- so that is a wide open question, but you can never go wrong with more triceps work, upper back work as well
Scott Ramazani With traps like those can you look behind you?
Ryan David Rutledge Who has a higher total, Brad Castleberry or Craig Pandora?
Brad is a fraud - Greg is battle tested... I'd take Greg injured over a healthy Castleberry 10/10
Donnie Eguires Why the decision to stop orals 6 weeks out when most people are usually blasting mad hard? Also do you think it helped or hurt your performance?
Great question - at one time I'd pound orals like most- but I'm 37 and had a good ten years of abusing drugs and alcohol, my liver isn't in the best shape - so I have been working on finding a sweet spot. My last I ran nine days- and that screwed things up, so I'experimentent with 21 days for the next one.
Shaun Kopplin I have seen over the years your progress. Also your re adaption with a new coach.

You've yet to become stagnant. What do you attribute that too? We both know there's so many variables. Curious to see how you view yourself in that aspect as one of the top guys in the sport currently.

The answer to this could be an article, but for timing purposes, I'll make it simple as can be
1. Treating accessory works like main movements- aggression, importance intensity
2. Recovery sleep, eating,r ecovery workouts
3. Training at percentages and having faith in a program- that was huge once you get confident - shit gets crazy
Sandy Pants How bad do you feel when you fart and don't tell me 
Feel? Ha-Ha, you have me confused
Carlos Regalado What is clean eating to you? Can you give insight into how you stay appropriately fueled for training snd comp?

Does it include kevin's semen?

If you don't know what clean eating is - that's a problem
My fuel is usually oatmeal-berries-eggs, with black burned speedway coffee blacker than my soul
Mark Mika Best way to fight DOMS when you're a fat old bastard like me.
Recovery works - I hike and bike, and one you are familiar with the old prowler sprints, You still give it hell after all the new parts and banging your head into things for years, I respect that my man!
Bryan Doberdruk Top 3 least favorite powerlifters? (Jk- I don't want you to get in trouble)
1. Tu-tu man poo
2. Gary Heels
3. Bomb Quinn
Seaver Mattison Best accessories for a stronger back.
All of them- you can never hit enough back
Jim Fuglsang If you shart when squatting do you stop or do you keep going
Keep on keeping on - shit happens.