I’ve decided to start compiling my own “articles of the week” that go up here on EliteFTS. I’ve been an avid reader of EVERY article for roughly the past 4 years, and it’s the sole place that I go to increase my knowledge base, lifting, coaching, and personal growth. If you aren’t reading the articles on this site, you are really doing yourself a disservice! With that being said, here is the week in review of articles I either found interesting, useful, or just down right awesome. These are articles that spiked my interest and only reflect my views, but check em out and you can expect these every weekend for a LONG time. Enjoy!

A bit behind on my picks this week as I've been incredibly busy being on the road and gearing up the the XPC Finals. Sadly, some of us couldn't make the Sports Performance Training Summit, but nonetheless, there were still incredible articles put out!

Seeing the Big Picture with your Training and Nutrition by Alexander Cortes

Teaching Humility and Success by Todd Hamer

WATCH: Adjusting Knee Wrap Technique for Different Types of Squats by Clint Darden

Powerlifters or Keyboard Cowards? by Eric Maroscher

6 Ways To Increase Strength by Dave Tate

Grip Program to Never Drop a Deadlift by JL Holdsworth