Rack Pulls and Sumo Deads

Rack pulls used to be one of my favorite deadlift variant simply because I can handle more weight, and I just find them fun to do. I haven't had them in my program in a long time, so I nearly jumped for joy when I saw them in my program.
I will be doing alternating weeks of rack pulls and deficit deadlifts with this off season program. one week handling more weight from a shorter range with higher rep sumo deadlifts as a secondary movement, and the second week deficit deadlifts with lighter weight and stiff legged deadlifts as my secondary movement. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes.

Rack pulls slightly above the knee
365x3x3 (This was supposed to be 375, but I was bad at math today)

Sumo pulls

GHR 3x10

Followed up with eating sushi until I couldn't breathe any more.

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