First time trying cardio after training, not a huge fan as it meant no Intra during training. The schedule got thrown off by the only client not showing up for session and me not wanting to sit around and wait. We were putting on a Squat, Bench, Deadlift Clinic at noon so I got after it. A Little change of pace from the norm never hurt anyone.

On an exciting note, I finally reached 200lbs since my last meet. It has taken since April to get to this point. Now, during the day I would walk around at that weight but Until I weigh in during a check in with my nutrition coach I was not counting it. My lowest weight of the week needed to be 200 for me to make it official.

Close Grip Bench + Bands 4x8: (155)
Incline Press (3’s Pause) 5x8: (215)
A1) DB Flys 2x8: 40
A2) DB Bench 2x8: 80
B1) DB Hex Holds 2x45’s: 25’s
B2) Banded Tricep Ext. 2x15: orange