Conventional is starting to be a challenge I look forward to. I do not feel uncomfortable pulling this way anymore, my sumo deadlifting has played a huge part in growing my conventional. On the flip side, conventional has done wonders for building my back strength overall in training. This has allowed better positioning and overall pulling power when I get my setup right for my sumo, Never-ending process of refining technique.

DE Deadlift + 4 Chains 5x3:(405)+4 Up-sets 3x2: (475)+4
SSB (Paused) 2x8: (355)
A1) chest supported Rows 3x12: 70
A2) KB Goblet Squat 2x12: 44
B1) Hanging Leg Raises 2x12: BW
B2) Paused Pull-Downs 3x12: 120