This is the first time since the meet I think I have hit 90% and I was ready, but not ready if that makes any sense. Put it this way, This log is being updated several days later and I still feel that squat bar in my feet. If it was not for our massage therapist I would probably be 2 inches shorter still today, lol. Was a good day of squatting, the last time I hit this particular workout last strength phase I probably went to light this day going 3x5: 565 fast forward 6 months later to today and hit 3x5: 640 with decent speed, cannot be too mad about that!

Squat (Reverse green + Wrapped) 3x5:(640)
Snatch Grip Low Block Pulls 4x5: (405)
A1) Body Saw 4x5: BW
A2) Reverse hyper) 4x10: 135
B1) Banded Side Steps 4x12: green
B2) Banded Rear Delts 4x12: Thin Orange