It is always a humbling thing to walk away from a lift and think, "Ya did well today", yet have a coach just as good to find something you could have done better to make sure you do not get to content with how things went. I was raised in training this way, where I was always told something could have been fixed, this always helped me want more and improve my technique.

I thought deads went fairly well today and Coach Gaglione swooped in and was able to give me some great feedback on a few things I was lacking. Keep people around you who will push you to be better, not "yes men".

Day 3
Deadlift (1-2 in tank) 2x3: (565) + AMRAP 565x9
SSB (Paused) 4x5: (420)
A1) Seal Rows 5x10: (135+) skip
A2) KB Goblet Squat 4x6: skip
B1) Hanging Leg Raises 4x8: skip
B2) Paused Pull-Downs 4x10: skip