Basic workout, upper pump day with a little bit of incline to work on my #PovertyBench.

We have DB Hex grip holds again in training and these are always challenging, will need to add chains to them soon as my grip is getting better!

I have learned to appreciate pump days more but also do not feel bad about missing one (as I will be next weekend). If there is one thing I have learned working with Gaglione it is I cannot out train recovery, actually, the workouts themselves make it hard enough to recover even with massage therapy and ART.

Day 4
Close Grip Bench + Bands 5x6: (195)
Incline Press (3’s Pause) 6x5: (250)
A1) DB Flys 4x10: 40
A2) DB Bench 4x6: 80
B1) DB Hex Holds 4x30’s: 25
B2) Banded Tricep Ext. 4x10:: Orange