5 Rep Max in wraps has been on my mind since I saw this one the agenda weeks ago. Originally I wanted to take 640 for 1 set of 5, as I was able to take it for 3 sets last week (reverse bands). All day I have felt sick and walking in the door I had the mindset, "whatever you hit today you know for sure you can take as an opener". As I took 600x2 I got in my head and talked myself out of 640, even 630 I shied away from, the bar was loaded to 620. The self-doubt started to talk while wrapping along with the feeling of being sick and for the first time in a long time I was able to dim those thoughts, get under the bar and move the weight for all five reps. This was a great accomplishment for me and (for my own lesson) not recorded, accidentally, but this was good for me. Not everything needs to be recorded or shared. I was given reassurance from several lifters I trusted that the reps were to a good depth, for their feedback I am grateful. Hell, I even had the owner of NBS Fitness, David Allen, walk by nonchalantly and said you had more.

Squat 5RM or 87% AMRAP: 620
Snatch Grip Low Block Pulls 1x8: 50%(345)
A1) Body Saw 1x20:BW
A2) DB Glute Bridge (Pause) 1x20: skip
B1) Hip Circle Side Steps 1x25: green
B2) Banded Rear Delts 1x25: skip