So it is status quo as usual for my #PovertyBench. Today I tried a new approach which was coming in and tryig to stay calm and not be wound up while benching. My thought was maybe that is causing more harm than good since I allow negative thoughts in when it comes to this lift. I will say the majority of my warm ups felt fine but then the weight just got heavy and I never got a fire lit under my butt, I ended up missing my 5th rep and this puts me around the same max as my last meet. All in all that is not too bad with changing stances and everything over the course of this last 6 months so I will take it.

Bench (paused) 5RM: 340 x 4
* Spotto Press (3’s pause) 2x10 250 failed last rep last set
A1) 1 Arm Dead Stop Rows (3’s Hold) 1x20: blue
A2) DB Floor Press with Pause top and bottom 1x10: 80
B1) DB Hammer Curls (Slow Eccentric) 1x20: 20
B2) Cable rope Tricep Ext. 1x20: 80