This training session was from hell, I started my day off in Little rock and we spent the majority of the day there. I was not ready for how bad this training session was going to rock my world, I was not under and empty bar taking my warm ups till almost 8pm. By the time my squats were done I cut my losses and went home, didnt even slurge on food afterwards cause my CNS was so fried.

I was training and had other gym members spot me who normally are not around when I train. To most this would not mean anything, to me it made things hairy as my upsets got heavy and I actually yelled for them to take the last rep where no one really did until the last minute. The video does not make it look like I need help but I was WAYYYYY out of position. This mishap caused me to have severe back tightness for the next two days so that was a bummer but I walked away without an injury so there's that.

Squat- 4-6 chains 5x3: 420 3x2 (wrap): 500,535,575
* 3ct Double Pause Squat 3x6: 355 only did 2 sets risk>reward
* A1) Stability Ball Pike 3x6: time
* A2) Back Ext. /GHR with Pause 3x15: time
* B2) Hip Cirlce Seated Abduction/Ext. Rot. 3ct pause 3x8: time
* B3) FB Bat Wing Holds 3x25’s time