So NBS is having a meet in the next few weeks, I am participating in it as a prep meet for record breakers. There is an interesting dynamic going on that is new to me however, I will have about 20 lifters doing the meet. I am the head coach of the powerlifting team at NBS and 90% of them are in the meet, as well as, another 6 online clients who are members of the facility all competing. The day will be filled with questions and it will definetily test my ability to focus when needed, I am hoping this will let me practice my head game. I digress, all of these lifters need help and I try and stay away form wrapping knees unless I am far from a meet. This process instantly flares up my tricep pain and leaves me helpeless to get my own training done, well I got sucked into helping someone and it took its toll on me today. I was only able to do my main "DE movement" and there was no dynamic effort about it. I shut it and all my accessories down after cause I was unable to do anything pain free.

Day 2. Lots of tricep pain
Bench- 3ct Pause chains 5x3: 250+ 1.5 3x2: 270,285,310 PAIN
3ct Pause Low Spotto 2x8: PAIN (skip)
A1) Chin Up or Band/Cable Pull Down/Row 2x8: pain
A2) DB Incline 2x8: pain
B1) Seated Curls slow eccentric 2x8: 20
B2) DB Floor Dead Stop Triceps 2x15: pain