This week was very unforgiving, I had a great deal of personal issue's arise and it had my stress and anxiety at a level they have not seen in quite some time. I was not particularily thrilled about training today but I had to get some work in and was looking forward to moving some weight to get my mind cleared. This plan turned into a dumpster fire as the weight got near 70% and I felt my nervous system warning me. I ignored it today, I already had to bail on bench day due to some pain I was not going to allow another day to slip away so I pushed through. The highlight of the training session was when I finally finished my last working set, dropped the weight and my teammate yell's out, "you look like shit". There was no argument or rebuttle as he was 100% accurate in his statement, I found it helpful and fill of humor which was needed.

Deadlift- 3x3: 555-590
Low Sumo Block Pull 3x6: 440
A1) Close Grip 3 ct Pause 3x8: 210 Skip
A2) Meadow Row slow eccentric 2x8: 50
B1) Suit Case Holds 3x15’s: 100’s
B2) Single Leg Glute Bridge 3x8: BW