As I sit back and watch and help our Outlaw Crew squat and train hard today I can’t help but reflect back on my training this year. Resting is not hard for me as I know my body well and when I go into a meet totally prepared and well rested I will crush it. I also NEVER have any self-doubt going into a meet. Your body does what your mind tells it to.

This week I will focus on getting my body tuned up, stretching and using some bands and light mobility work, nothing else. I trained hard on my off season this past spring/summer working on my weaknesses. I grew my triceps, my lats, my traps and I’d like to think my quads as my suit is much much tighter than it was before! I did a dumb thing (well in my opinion it was dumb) two months out from my meet I started a new nutrition program to cut weight but soon after several dizzy spells training I decided to wait until after the meet to pursue that goal.


One goal at a time I keep needing to remind myself.  Like Mark Bell said, don’t set too many goals or goals so high you can’t achieve them and then fail. Don’t set a goal to lose 20 lbs, set a goal to lose 1 lb, then 2, then so on. Achieve one, set another and keep your confidence up.


My main goal going into this meet is just to compete using single ply gear. Although I will be deadlifting raw I will be using a shirt for bench and a suit for squats. I don’t really have any specific numbers I want to hit because this is my first equipped meet so all my numbers will be meet PR’s for me, other than my deadlift. (I will admit my deadlift opener is higher than I have ever opened before, even in a singly ply suit at the Arnolds so this to me is a definite improvement).  I am hoping to achieve my Elite total and qualify for the Arnold’s and in order to do that all I need to do is smash my openers.


So as I reflect on the past, my injuries, my comebacks, my age and the place I am in right now I’d have to say it’s a good reflection. I have overcome adversity, achieved more in the past 3 years powerlifting than my entire life of sports and this proves that age is just a number.

Never look back, only forward and Never Ever let your age be your guide.

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