Rehab/Prehab day

This would normally be the day I speed bench (which I don't typically post about bc it's kind of boring). But, as I mentioned in my last bench day post, my shoulder was really bothering me. So, I decided to do a light workout that would hopefully help with it.

Colley Press: (For video search Nate Harvey articles/ log)
*Dumbbell overhead press with Short mini band around wrists, with a neutral grip.
5x10 @ 20 lbs
Band Facepull x 20

Band Wall walk 3x10
band tri pushdown 3x25

Farmers Walks 3x 110 lbs per hand
Wide Grip pullup 3x10

100 band pull aparts

I did this workout in about 35-40 minutes, so at that pace (for me) it was actually pretty tough.


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