Not a training log post just...a little trip down memory lane.

  • Remeber  when you didn't;t warm up and threw on briefs and you weren't the only one in the gym wearing briefs to squat in.
  • Remember when benching in a shirt took 3 hrs or more because there were 6 plus peopl also wearing bench shirts.
  • Remember when sled dragging was only "cool" because the whole sled was loaded with 100 lb plates.
  • Remember  when there were only like 5 federations
  • Remember when deadlifting max effort was a weekly session
  • Remember when powerlifting was a rare thing to do vs. the "in" thing to do

I'm not opposed to how things have changed but is this really even powerlifting anymore? Or just a strength sport?

I fall into many of a past tense and now that raw lifting is a popular choice its a much easier choice.

Would I train in gear again...absolutely. I live for the challenge. Time just doesn't allow anymore.

Change is good. Change is Growth.