So this training week was very uneventful. Due to my bicep acting up there was not much to be done on upper body training days, any movement that required my arm to go into flexion (even passive movement) resulted in discomfort and eventually pain. Tried implementing bands with high reps to get some blood flow tot he area but that seemed to aggravate it as well so I did the only other thing I could think of and that was NOT USE IT.

Deadlift day (Wk8 day3) came around and by the end of my 6th set I was in a little amount of discomfort just from holding the bar and my arm being pulled straight. protocol for that day was 6x3: 565 + Green Reverse Bands (for speed) which did not move as fast as I would have liked it.

Since then I have been icing and trying to keep it straight. Week 9 (thus far) has been the longest I have been able to go without pain through the day so icing and resting is currently the best thing for it. Hoping this "deload week" of dynamic effort (with exclusion of upper body) will have me ready to begin a new push for September and November meets.