Just over 6 weeks out from RPS Fall Throwdown at Rivercity Barbell in Newport, Ky. My shoulder has still been bothering me, so I figured some reverse band work might take some stress off, while still allowing me to feel some heavy weight in my hands at the top.

Warmed up with Reverse grip dumbbell bench press. At first, I really felt it in my shoulder, but the more I did, the more I loosened up.
3x20 at 20 lbs
100 band pull aparts

Reverse Band Bench:

The last couple were pretty heavy. We used the Eltiefts strong bands and the way we had them set up it did not take off too much at the top, but helped pretty well at the bottom.

After this, I hit a few singles on regular bench press (no bands) and worked up to 365 x5 reps x 2 sets.
I will be on vacation next week and plan to use that week to give my shoulder a rest. Typically I would never take the time off this close to a meet but I think it will help. I still plan to squat and deadlift next week.

Accessory: 100 more band pull aparts
100 overhead cable tri extensions