Getting closer and closer to my next meet on Sept 16 at Rivercity Barbell. I always like to hit some reverse band work a few weeks out from the meet to feel some heavy weight in my hands or on my back.

We used elitefts average bands, the way they were set up, you had almost 100% of the weight at the top.

1 plate x 5
2 plates x5
3 plates x3
4 plates x 2
5 plates x1
555lbs x 1
595x 1
645x 1
685 x 1

I got a calf cramp with my wraps on as I racked the last rep, at that point I wasn't sure if it was a bad cramp or I actually hurt myself, so I shut it down. I'm writing this a couple days later and it feel a lot better. the day or two after I was pretty sore.

Accessory work:
100 hamstring curls.

Right now I'm feeling pretty beat up and I am heading for vacation this upcoming week. I plan to train twice, one upper body day and one lower. I think this will be a good break for my body heading in to the last few weeks of training before the meet.