I had my meet this weekend.  It went well in some ways and not so well in others.  I weighed in at 275.4 meet morning.  I competed in the raw division with a belt and neoprene sleeves.  I registered in the ELITE Open division and was drug tested at the end of the meet.


I warmed up and felt very strong.  I was tight and loose at the same time.  Any one who has had a good day in the gym knows that great feeling.  I warmed up to 545 and waited for my turn.  I opened with 650.  This went well so I jumped to 705 for a 5lb pr.  I stood up a little too easy and knew it was probably high.  2 reds showed so I took it again.  I put it down where it need to be for whites.  Good lift!

Video of 705 raw squat



I had the best bench meet cycle ever for this meet.  Everything I did was a PR.  I doubled 500, did 480 for 3, and 405 for 11 during the cycle.  I warmed up to 425 and waited for my turn.  I opened with 490 and it was easy.  I told John to put 530 on.  I went for 530 and I missed it badly the first time.  Nothing bad happened or made it that way. It just didnt go up as planned. I called for 530 again.  This time I got it about 3 inches from lockout and lost it.  Close but not close enough.

Video of close miss with 530 raw bench



I went into this meet with zero expectations for the deadlift.  I had the worst meet cycle I have ever had for the pull and things never clicked.  My goal was to try and pull whatever I needed to for a 5lb total PR.  Since I missed 530 on the bench this pretty much put a PR total out of reach.  Knowing that I still wanted to finish the meet and give it my best.  I started warming up conventional and moved to sumo right away.  My bench blew my back up  and conventional didnt seem like a good idea.  I  went sumo and  warmed up to 495 and it felt oddly good.  I then did 585 and again this felt great.  I thought maybe I can salvage this meet after all.  I opened with 650 and it went well.  I took 705 on a second with a lot of confidence.  I set up, took my initial pull and my left quad/ITB camped up and I put it down.  I passed on my third as it wasnt worth risking an injury for a sub PR pull.  I am going to look into some ART or graston for my leg as it has been am issue for years.

Video of 650 opener


I squatted 705 and Im proud of that.  I am going to do a meet in July and nail that 530 bench though.  I need to address my DL asap.  The beatings will continue.