Now officially less than 9 weeks out from my next meet at Rivercity Barbell in Newport, Ky. I've had some shoulder issues and had to bring my grip in a lot because of it, so today I decided to widen back out and slowly test where I was at. I did still use the bench blockz on a 2 board setting.

Bench + EliteFTS Mini Bands
5 or 6 warmup sets superset with 20 seated Rows
225x3 x 2sets
275x3 x 2 sets
315x2 x2 sets
345x2 x 2 sets

The wide grip felt great and no pain, granted I didn't go to my chest with it. I would have loved to take a heavier single but I trained by myself and didn't have a handoff. I also did 5 dead hang pullups in between every working set, which made me so sore today.

Accessory work:
100 Cable Triceps pushdowns
100 band pull a parts