Tonight was the last heavy day of the meet prep.  I am a month out from the RPS PA states.


135 for 3 sets of 5

235 for 3

325 for 2

415 for 1

505 for 1

585 for 1

670 for 1

Video of 670 for 1

This felt very good.  Im getting used to the monolift again and my stance is a bit off but over all it was good.

Deadlift: Sumo

225 for 3

315 for 3

405 for 1

545 for 1

700 for 00000000000000

I missed this at the knees.   Warm ups felt great.  Technique felt great but it wasnt close.  I have been sick the past 4 days so Im hoping it was because of that.  Its done with though and I moved on fast.

Dead squats

545 for 1

635 for 1 PR

This was a PR by 20lbs and from last meet and a incredibly hard lift.  I had a migraine at the beginning of the workout and after I did this it sent me into full on vomit mode with the worst migrain of the year.  After I puked I felt better and wernt home and let the kids trick me by putting green dye in my beer.  Good times.